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MYSINBAD is an online fresh groceries apps that helps you save and gain discount without punching a hole thru your monthly quota for groceries. You spend LESS and GAIN MORE.

Birth of MYSINBAD.

MYSINBAD is created by a group of philanthropist that has a vision to help all the co-operatives’ members in Malaysia to shop for their daily necessities products at a BARGAIN and providing best saving and huge DISCOUNT.
We are confident that we are able to elevate the lifestyle and spending of all the co-operatives’ members with the saving they gain from MYSINBAD.


Save as you buy
SAVE till your heart’s content. The more you BUY, the more you SAVE. We will be offering different discount, value buy and additional price knock-off in our DAILY BUY area. Don’t miss out.
RM100 credit voucher just for you
*WE are giving away RM100 credit voucher for your first time registration
(Terms and Conditions apply)
Huge range of products
We offer a huge range of daily necessities products to cater for your everyday needs. Low on oil, salt, sugar and other? Not to worry. Just a few clicks and we will deliver and you will SAVE.
Bundle Products
We offer bundle products for your monthly subscription.
No headache going thru supermarket alley to pick it one by one.
Secure Payment
Your security is our priority. We offer secure payment for your ease of mind.
Fast Delivery
Just a few clicks and your groceries will be there in less than 4 hours.
Currently, MYSINBAD is open to all co-operatives’ members and soon to all Malaysian and expanding to all the South East Asia Co-operatives.
Share your thoughts with us at [email protected]
Visit us at www.mysinbad.com

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